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    The World Voice Ensemble Inc. is looking to produce new and original plays and musicals, and accept script entries all year around.


"The Call for Scripts"


We want to give opportunities to international artists so scripts that include a cast of diverse characters is always a plus but in the end we are open to producing anything that has a good message, and reads really well on paper. So send your script, with a 10 dollar check made payable to the World Voice Ensemble Inc., to 


3205 Wickham Avenue Bronx New York 10469


The 10 dollars will go towards the production costs for our next show.

All scripts will be read and you will be emailed with feedback, so please include your email address in the package. 

Also authors keep in mind, we are a new company, so scripts that are low budget in set design needs are going to be favored for now. We are currently accepting scripts written in English and Japanese, but as our company grows we hope to be able to accept scripts with higher budget demands as well as scripts written in other languages.

Currently however, the script readers are only fluent in English and in Japanese. If we find an exceptional script that is written in Japanese we will help its author translate it into English, at no charge, to produce  here in New York. 

 Please include with your script entree a brief (no more than 2 pages) summary of your show.

Thanks for all your entrees and good luck!



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